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Television: Communication Through the Screen: Home

Since its creation in 1927, the television has been a staple in the American home. The television ultimately changed the way we communicate with each other. An individual has the ability to talk to the masses through a screen in a family's household.


Television in the Classroom

Outside Resources

National History Day

With the National History Day topic being, "Communication in History: The Key To Understanding," we can think about how television has been an effective communication tool. Throughout our lives, we've spent hours a week sitting in front of a screen that projects a series of images that seems to peak our interests. Whether it's sports, politics, movies, or educational television, the individuals projected on that screen have communicated to us about these topics, which have shaped our perspectives of the world we live in. Although the television is not used for face-to-face communication, it still serves as a form of social interaction and entertainment. The people or fictional characters we see on the screen are communicating to the masses, and have helped influence how we live our daily lives. When we think about the National History Day topic, why do you think the television is such an influential aspect on our daily lives?