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Othmer Library of Chemical History: Journals

The Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Library is an independent research library.

Guide to Journals

The Othmer Library maintains an extensive collection of journals spanning chemistry, chemical engineering, and related topics dating from 1799. Journals are available in several formats: print, microform, and/or electronic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQ section for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the library's collection of journals:

Understanding Journal Holdings

In the library's online catalog, the holdings for a specific journal appear below title and imprint information:

Definitions of Terms

The following terms commonly appear in the records for journals in the library's online catalog:

Band - German term denoting a VOLUME of a journal title; typically abbreviated as Bd.

Bound - multiple, consecutive issues of a journal title that have been fixed between hard covers

Microfiche - journal issues available as photographic images that have been reduced in size to fit onto small sheets of plastic film; use of the library's microform scanner is required to view microfiche

Microfilm - journal issues available as photographic images that have been reduced in size to fit onto 16mm or 35mm reels of plastic film; use of the library's microform scanner is required to view microfilm

Microform - generally speaking, journal issues consisting of photographic images that have been reduced in size and stored on plastic film; MICROFICHE and MICROFILM denote specific types of microform which can only be accessed by means of a microform reader/scanner

Number - a distinct issue within the series of a journal title; typically abbreviated as n. or no.

Part - a specific portion within the series of a journal title; typically abbreviated as pt.

Unbound - loose issues of a journal title that have not been brought together between hard covers; unbound issues of journal titles to which the Othmer Library currently subscribes are available in the Jacobs Reading Room

Volume - a collection of journal issues published over a particular period of time; typically abbreviated as v. or vol.


Access Electronic Journals

For information on accessing the Othmer Library's electronic journals and various other electronic resources, please consult the following page:

Document Delivery

For information regarding the Othmer Library's document delivery services, please see the Interlibrary Loan page of this guide: