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Chemists' Biographical Information: Books

How to search for information on chemists and leaders in the chemical industry.

Biography of Chemistry

For an excellent introduction regarding biographies see R. T. Bottle's Use of Chemical Literature. Chapter 17 -- History and biography of chemistry [by] Thornton and Tully.


Within the limits of this chapter only the most significant contributions in successive chronological periods can be mentioned.  Fuller information on individuals mentioned, and on editions of their writings, is available in the monumental A History of Chemistry, by J.R. Partington (Vol. I, Part I, 1970; Vol. 2, 1961; Vol. 3, 1962; Vol. 4, 1964).  Selected lists of general histories of science, of histories of chemistry, and of biographies and bibliographies of chemists, arranged alphabetically by subject, are appended to this chapter.

Othmer Library Catalog


We have a number of biographies in the monograph collection.

Search the catalog with these tips:

  • search the “subject” field with the proper name (last, first)
  • try doing an advanced search adding a second “subject” as “biography”
  • If you are not finding anything try just searching the proper name as a keyword and see if it shows up in content or a note.