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History of Dyes and Dyeing: Dye Sample Books

A guide to the Othmer Library's holdings of Dye related materials.

Terms for Searching the Catalog

In the library catalog search the SUBJECT Field with the term Sample Books.

More specifically,

Subject "Dyes and dyeing -- Sample Books."

Subject "Paper -- sample books"

Subject "Stains and Staining -- sample books"

Photograph of Dye Sample Book

Half-Silk Dyeing with Colours, Bayer & Co. German.

Dye Sample Books on a Variety of Materials

This is a list to illustrate the variety of dye-able materials. Search the catalog for the full holdings.

Photograph of Dye Sample Book

Fashionable Shades on Acetate-Rayon. Calco Chemical Company, Inc. United States.

Note on Library vs. Archives

Sample books or cards are both in the library (cataloged as a book) and in the archives (within a collection). The distinction at the Othmer Library and the Science History Institute is usually to do with how we obtained the sample books. If these published materials are obtained by the library, they are cataloged individually. If the materials are donated to the archives as a part of a "collection," they remain so and are cataloged at the collection level.  

Note on 'Library Use Only'

Dye sample books are to be used only in the Library's Reading Room because of their fragility and rarity. 

Photograph of Dye Sample Book

Acid, Mordant & Basic Colours. Society of Chemical Industry in Basle.