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Periodic Table: Journals

A guide to Othmer Library holdings on the history of the periodic table.



The following citations may be useful starting points for those researching the periodic law:*

Brush, S. G. (1996). The reception of Mendeleev's law in America and Britain. Isis, 87(4), 595-628.

Cassebaum, H., & Kauffman, G. B. (1971). The periodic system of the chemical elements: The search for its discoverer. Isis, 62, 314-327.

Leicester, H. M. (1948). Factors which led Mendeleev to the periodic law. Chymia, 1, 67-74.

Mendeleev, D. (1871). On the periodic regularity of the chemical elements. Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie, 8 (Supplementband), 133-229.

Mendeleev, D. (1871). On the question concerning the system of the elements. Berichte der Deutschen Chemischen Gesellschaft, 4, 348-352.

Mendeleev, D. (1889). The periodic law of the chemical elements. Journal of the Chemical Society, 55, 634-656.

Newlands, J. A. R. (1863). On relations among the equivalents. The Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science, 7, 70-72.

Scerri, E. R. & Edwards, J. (2001). Bibliography of secondary sources on the periodic system of the chemical elements. Foundations of Chemistry, 3(2), 183-196.

Spronsen, J. W. (1959). The prehistory of the periodic system of the elements. Journal of Chemical Education, 36, 565-567.

*This list of citations is not meant to be comprehensive. Its intent is to provide a sample of journal articles relevant to the study of the periodic law, its history and content.

Useful Subject Headings

When searching the library's catalog for resources related to the periodic table, try using the following subject headings to refine your search:

·     Atomic structure.

·     Atomic theory.

·     Atomic weights.

·     Chemical elements.

·     Chemical elements -- History.

·     Chemistry -- History.

·     Chemistry -- Periodicals.

·     Mendeleyev, Dmitry Ivanovich, 1834-1907.

·     Periodic law.

·     Periodic law -- Bibliography.

·     Periodic law -- Congresses.

·     Periodic law -- History.

·     Periodic law -- Tables.

Tip: Search subject headings by selecting SUBJECT from the drop down menu on the catalog's main search page.

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