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Periodic Table: Museum Collections

A guide to Othmer Library holdings on the history of the periodic table.

About Museum Collections

The Museum’s Collections pertaining to the Periodic Table are predominantly composed of graphic representations, samples of chemical elements and a variety of memorabilia. The collection’s depiction of the modern periodic table, through Science Kits, Classroom Diagrams and Educational Games, trace the table’s progression of standardization within the classroom. The lists here are a sampling of the museum’s holdings and are in no way comprehensive of the entire periodic table collection areas. Please reference the Digital Collection and museum exhibits to find other examples.

List of Museum Collections

ElemenTree 3D Periodic Table

Three dimensional representation of the periodic table of elements, made of transparent Vivak plastic in pink and green with black text. The tree has 17 pieces (layers are polygonal) with a trapezoid base that can be assembled. 

Periodic Round Table

The "Periodic Round Table" looks like a multi-layered cake. There are eight wooden layers that sit on top of one another and can be rotated. Layers are divided into chemical elements with engraved element name and number.

Periodic tables by E.H. Sargent and Company, 1962

Double-sided reference sheet depicting Table of Periodic Properties of the Elements on the front with a Periodic Table of the Elements on the reverse.