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Bolton Society Symposia: 2016 March

Named for Henry Carrington Bolton, the Bolton Society encourages and promotes the individual love for and collection of all types of printed material devoted to chemistry and related sciences.

Preceptors to Chemistry

[Abstracts unavailable]

Ghost of Libau and Problems and teaching 'chemistry' / B.T. Moran

Herman Boerhaave and the use of demonstration-experiments in chemistry courses / J.C. Powers

Teaching chemistry in eighteenth-century France / B. Bensaude-Vincent

Mendeleev and the chemistry textbook in Russia / V.V. Mainz

Fred Basolo and the (re)naissance of American inorganic chemistry / J.A. Labinger, H.B. Gray

Paul Doughty Bartlett: Evanelist for mechanistic organic chemistry / S.J. Weininger

Linus Pauling: The right to be wrong / G.D. Patterson