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National History Day: Topics on the "Frontiers in History"

Resources from the Science History Institute: Digital Collections, Museum collections, Archival collections, and the Othmer Library's collections.

Immigration and the Sciences

A new country can be a new frontier for individuals. Immigration is the movement of people to a foreign country for permanent residency. People move to different countries for many reasons such as education and job opportunities as well as to flee persecution. The Oral History, Archival, and Library collections at the Science History Institute help to tell the stories of scientists who chose or had to move and pursued their scientific endeavors on a new frontier. 

Our Plastic and Synthetic World

In 1907 the first fully synthetic plastic was created, since then plastics have changed the world. There are items that we would not have without plastics such as cell phones, computers, many medical devices. But the proliferation of plastics has also caused world-wide pollution and toxicity. The world of plastics synthetics is a new frontier on many topics.