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Spanish Language Journals: About

Spanish Language Journals

General Information

Othmer Library of Chemical History

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Where Do These Journals Come From?

The majority of the Othmer Library's Spanish language journals come from the following countries:






About Our Spanish Language Journals

The Othmer Library has an sizable collection of materials in the Spanish language. Use this subject guide to find materials across collections.  

The journals at the Othmer Library contain information regarding various subjects and concentrations within the discipline of science. Over the years, these materials have been inquired about frequently among researchers. The purpose of this guide is to provide information on each title and to enhance the discovery of Othmer Library's collection of Spanish Language journals.

While the majority of these journals are chemistry periodicals, some also cover the topics of engineering, physics, petroleum, pharmacology, etc.


Highlighted below are a few of the Spanish language journals found in the Othmer Library's collections.

  • Anales de Quimica y Farmacia
    • ‚ÄčThis journal was founded in 1931 in Santiago, Chile by a group called El Circulo, which was comprised of faculty and students from the Universidad de Chile's Chemistry Department. This journal covered a wide array of topics from general chemistry to bacteriology to pharmaceuticals. 
  • El Textilista
    • El Textilista is a Spanish and Portuguese language periodical that reaches all of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. This title covers the textile industry in the mid-twentieth century.
  • Publicaciones del Instituto de Investigaciones microquimicas
    • Published by the Universidad Nacional de Litoral in Rosario, Argentina. The focal point of this journal is microchemistry, though it also covers the topics of pharmacology, biology, and biochemistry.

Journal Cover

Aspirin Advertisement


Advertisement is found on the back cover of the Anales de Química y Farmacia (1941).