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Bolton Society Symposia: 2016 August

Named for Henry Carrington Bolton, the Bolton Society encourages and promotes the individual love for and collection of all types of printed material devoted to chemistry and related sciences.

Chemistry in America: 1676-1876

[Abstracts unavailable]

Introduction to chemistry in American before 1876 / G.D. Patterson

Earliest chemistry teaching in the United States: The second battle of Princeton / S.K. Vanderkam

New England chymistry in the generation after George Starkey / W. Newman

Impact on 19th century chemistry by the faculty and students of Philadelphia's Central Hight School / R.A. Egolf

Edgar Fahs Smith and chemistry in "America before 1976 / L. Farrington

Rachel Littler Bodley, first female professor of chemistry at a medical college / J. Hayes

Charles Frederick Chandler: founding father of the ACS / E.W. Cook

Chemistry of T. Sterry Hunt (1826-1892) / G.D. Patterson