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History of Dyes and Dyeing: Museum Collections

A guide to the Othmer Library's holdings of Dye related materials.

About Museum Collections

The museum holds mostly dye samples, some textiles focusing on nylon and synthetic fibers, and a few advertisements. As part of our fine art collection, the museum was gifted a five volume, brocade-bound set of 62 Chinese watercolor paintings by Sidney and Mildred Edelstein. The watercolors show, in chronological order, the process of producing Ramie cloth, a silk-like fabric, in China during the 1820s. The collection is accompanied by a transcription of hand-written text, describing the steps in Ramie cloth production. The lists here are a sampling of the museum’s holdings and are in no way comprehensive of the entire dye and textile collection areas. Please reference the Digital Collections to find other examples.

List of Museum Collections